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Fortnite Winter WAN was a great success!

More info/rules/faq at:  

SanLan 2018 Halloween Tournament

SAN LAN is a CS:GO 5v5 eSports event in San Antonio Texas.  SAN LAN was established on July 24th, 2003, as a collaboration of local gamers in the San Antonio Texas area. Results

Zehn Series 3 / Fall 2018 Solos and Duos Rules

No Additional Entry Fee!  Free to play in any solos and duos event, but you must pay for venue fee and any additional hours to complete your matches. Venue Fee: $5.00 Weekday Hour: $1.00/hr Weekend Hour: $1.50/hr Zehn Masters Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds $1000 Solos Series Players are required to be at LFG Cybercafe to participate. […]

Fortnite Test Tourney II

The man, the myth, the Fortnite Solos legend Fflo!! Pulled down a win for an easy $150 bucks. Well…maybe not easy…we were all sweating for him! Grats my dude! You can watch him on twitch at!