LFG Needs Your Support!

Dear Community,

For the past three years LFG Cybercafe has been a special gathering place for all kinds of gamers. We’ve provided a venue for families and friends to gather to spend birthdays or bachelor parties. Businesses have utilized LFG Cybercafe for their team building events or after hour social meet ups. We’ve worked hand in hand with our high school and college communities to create events and provide even more affordable pricing for students and local shelters. Our most recent partnership with the VFW Post 8541 provided a whole new experience for our veterans to partake. We are proud that we’ve been able to create such a great experience for people, as seen from hundreds of 5 star reviews online.

We understood that the price barrier for anyone to enter “PC gaming” is high, as building a reliable and modern gaming rig is expensive. Therefore, we wanted to provide that glorious PC experience to the masses, without their worry of spending thousands. Not only did we want to provide an affordable price but we wanted to provide an experience that, we felt, has been lost over the years. The epic LAN Party feeling! Nothing better than gaming with your friends or making new ones face to face. A social atmosphere for people to gather outside of “man caves” or bedrooms and make new friends in their local community. 

With all of our progress in strengthening San Antonio’s gaming community, elsewhere in the world a disease has been quietly spreading… one that is causing a lot of damage to local communities and small businesses worldwide. A disease that contradicts what we had set out to accomplish.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a goodbye letter. This is a letter opening up to you and simply asking for help, if you can. We completely understand that everyone is being affected by this disease but ask that if you are willing to help us, please consider it. Small businesses like ours can really use your support.

We are currently still open from 12PM to 11PM everyday and we would like to keep it that way. We’ve made plenty of room and spaced accordingly in our venue for social distancing. We have online options to add funds to your account or purchase a gift card for a family member or friend. You can also support us directly by donating to us via PayPal.

Indicate your username in the notes.
  • Or you can come in to LFG Cybercafe and visit. Call us and we’ll save you a spot(12pm – 11pm). 210-706-0219

Thank you for taking the time to read and we greatly appreciate everyone who has spent time with us over these last three years. We hope to continue being your number one gaming venue in San Antonio.

Much love to you all!

LFG Cybercafe