League of Legends Casual

02/05/2020 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
League of Legends Casual

Sign Up to Hold Your Spot

Hey everyone!

LFG Cybercafe is hosting a new weekly League of Legends event!

As part of our passion we all share here at the cafe, we’re looking for more ways to bring people together to help build the gaming community we have here in San Antonio, and what better way to do that than a weekly come and play!

⯈ How do I sign up? – Please follow the Google Form link below to sign up. https://forms.gle/5dEuUxMfgfEETw5k6

⯈ What if I want to stay after the event is over? – Easy! If you decide to stay past the 3 hour window provided, it will only be $1 for every additional hour!

⯈ What food and drink will be provided? – Pizza and Sodas will be provided on a first come first serve basis to those participating. However, we do sell additional snacks & drinks!

⯈ LFG Cybercafe has a lot of games to play! Can I play other games from 7pm to 10pm during the event? – No. The $5.00 7pm to 10pm event is for League of Legends exclusively. If you want to play other games, you’re welcome to buy time at LFG Cybercafe’s normal rates. Please keep in mind that this event is for celebrating the local League of Legends community. You’re more than welcome to play other games before or after the event.

⯈ Can I sit on a High End/Tournament PC during the event? Can I rent out gear? – High End/Tournament PCs are available at a first come first serve basis and will cost an additional $2.00 upgrade. Upgrades are available for rent at the normal prices.


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