Group / Party Pricing

We offer two packages:

Standard Package – $100

Our standard package allows more flexibility for scheduling during the weekdays or other times on the weekend.  This is also great for smaller parties.

Included in the Standard Package:

  • Reserve up to 10 machines just for your group
  • Machines reserved for 3 hours
  • You may bring your own food/snacks/party items and use the general seating area for those activities
  • Party may be booked on any day of the week during our normal business hours (some dates/times may not be available for pre-scheduled events)

Elite Package – $200

We only offer one of these packages every morning.  This is for those who are looking at the ultimate experience.

Included in the Elite Package:

  • Exclusive use of the BULK OF THE STORE during the morning between 11 AM and 3pm.  Access by the public will be limited during your event.
  • Unlimited number of guests (we can hold almost 30 simultaneous players)
  • Bring in anything you want to eat or drink, we have extra tables we can set-up
  • Decorate as much or as little as you want.
  • Other guests may hang out and roam around the store.  (Other parents, grandparents, extended family, etc love to be able to stay and hang out)
  • Event may be booked on any day of the week.
Parties need to be reserved 48 hours in advance and require 1/2 deposit when scheduling.  You may book on the phone with any major credit card.
Click for a Printable Invite –  4in x 6in that can be printed at any Photo Processor